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Strakzat is a digital agency that focuses on making an
impact by designing and building valuable solutions.

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We’re problem solvers. We listen, observe, create and validate. Following a human-centred approach, we work closely with you to get results fast and efficiently.

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Why clients choose to work with us

Value for money

We dare to say your product can be built for any price. Because of our agile way of working, we get the most out of your budget and do our best to create as much value as possible.

Flexible and experienced

We have all of the advantages of a digital agency like experience, capacity, and multiple disciplines. We top that all off with flexibility, an advantageous rate and dedicated new members for your team.

Permanent extension of your team

We know we get the best results when we combine forces. The longer we're involved, the more we learn and the more value we can bring. By optimizing the product, we keep making it better and better, making us fall in love with it just as much as users do.

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Dive into our approach to product development & collaboration

How to consider the ethical implications of code as a web developer

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Hayen Phan

April 30, 2021

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Sprint with us

We’ve developed several sprints tailored towards any situation. And we can run them for free to give you a taste of the value they bring.

We always run a preparation sprint at the start of a project. By setting up a small team, existing of our product team and your business experts, we work towards the perfect plan of action! You can't dream of a better kickstart for the rest of the project. And it's a lot of fun too.We also offer a toned down version of all our sprints for free, just to show you the benefits our sprints and team can bring. Sounds like an ideal way to get to know each other, don't you think?

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