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Simplified online funding and investing with Leapfunder.

Together with the Leapfunder team we've made it even easier for investors to inspect, talk to and eventually invest in promising start-ups. The users now have a simplified browsing and clicking experience!

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Interface Design





Release Date


It was our goal to provide investors with a quick overview of the most promising startups and make it easy for them to invest.

Leapfunder is a Dutch startup, which created a platform for investors to find and invest in promising startups. We were intrigued by this nice concept and naturally we were very excited when Leapfunder asked us to improve their overall design. They also wanted to add a couple of new features, like a seperate page to make investments, a dashboard and make it possible for investors to connect and interact with each other.

As a UX-minded digital product agency, we knew we were the right party for Leapfunder. The first few days, we often met with their team and talked a lot. We've asked questions about the choices they made earlier for the product and tried to get a grip on the needs and wants of Leapfunders user base. When we felt we had enough intel about the difficult world of investing, we were ready to take on the design challenges.

Introducing round cards

First of all, we introduced round cards. We intended these cards to be a small box with all the information you need to decide whether or not to find out more about and invest in a startup.

Leapfunder Crowdyhouse Card
Leapfunder Live On Demand Card
Leapfunder Yippie Card

The round page, a detailed overview of the startup to provide all the info investors need

This is the page where investors connect with a startup and decide to make the investment. The page is clear & simple, yet provides all the information.

Leapfunder Round Detail


This shows what's the status of the round and whether experienced investors or friends invested.


The bar and the relevant data show the current status of the round. Investors try to fill this bar to reach the round target.

Connect with the startup

When an investor is convinced, he'll be able to get in touch with the team and eventually invest in it.


The summary shows what's the status of the startup and whether experienced investors or your friends invested yet.


The bar and the relevant data show the current status of the round. Investors try to fill this bar to reach the round target.

Connect with the startup

When an investor is convinced, he'll be able to get in touch with the team and eventually invest in it.

Investing is a social activity on Leapfunder

Meet other investors

The investors now can connect and speak to one another throughout the whole platform, but we implemented it so it feels like the brand new feature was always there.

Ask for advice from other investors

Sometimes it's difficult to make a judgment call. To help the users out we made it plain and easy to talk to multiple advisors and investors at once.

All co-investors involved

Once you invest in a round, you'll be connected to all your co-investors. Talk about the company's progress or even draw their attention to a new opportunity.

Leapfunder Conversations Leapfunder Conversations

Make use of channels to stay up to date

Once an investor supported a startup, it's needless to say he wants to know how it's doing. For his convenience, we've added channels to get him up to date in a minute. For every company the user invested in, a separate channel is created. In this channel he can check the latest updates and activity of the startup, without having to leave the dashboard page.

The general channels are called 'Notifications' and 'Tips'. The notifications channel gives the user additional intel about the activity on Leapfunder and the latter provides a quick overview of sweet deals.

Leapfunder Channels Leapfunder Channels

Easy, safe and quick investing. Startups can manage their campaign and accept investments.

All startups get their own investment module. This way the startup can give access to anyone they want. In their campaign management they can easily edit and update their funding round.

Transaction Engine


Because it has to look as good as it works

We defined the style to be classic, minimalistic and recognizable.

Bright Orange


Bright Blue


Duck Egg




Battleship Grey


Gun Grey


Charcoal Grey


Dark Grey


Source Sans Pro Regular
Source Sans Pro Semibold


What investing in promising startups looks like.

These important screens will give you some insight in the new design of Leapfunder, which provided investors with convenience, ease of use and social interaction.


Investing and funding is getting easier still

It wasn't easy to get the feeling of the wacky world of investing, but eventually with the help of Leapfunder and by adding overview, convenience, social interaction and an easy way to invest to the platform, we cracked the case. Especially in the first few weeks we met with the team very often and got new insights every day. In the end it was all about rounding up and getting the pixels perfect.

And even now, after completing the redesign project, we're still working with Leapfunder every week. We're very happy to be a small part of their team by tweaking the design and adding features.

Evangelia Marinaki

Evangelia Marinaki

Product Manager, Leapfunder

"We have been cooperating with Strakzat since the launch of our new website layout. The guys have been amazing. The new website reflects our business perfectly and improved our users' experience."