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It's now easier than ever to have your next company meeting on a boat.

Get rid of dull appointments and book a nice meeting room. We've worked on a renewed user experience for Inspiratie op Locatie to help users flawlessly find inspiring venues for any company meeting or event.

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Interaction Design




Inspiratie op Locatie

Release Date

November 2015

Inspiratie op Locatie is all about experiencing a stunning venue while having your meeting. No surprise they were looking for new ways to improve the online experience as well.

Nobody likes to have meetings in dull and starkly furnished rooms. On Inspiratie op Locatie you can organize your meetings at the most beautiful and inspiring places. Inspiratie op Locatie had some wishes for enhancing the user experience of their platform and we jumped right in! Among others the booking flow and backstage needed improvements and there was also room for some new features like shortlists and a user dashboard.

We started with a short research phase, wherein we analyzed the existing platform, organized a workshop to create a value proposition canvas together and set up an exercise to define the (user) goals of the project. We also brought a big list of questions to get important insights about the company and the users, which all served as input for either the scenario and personas. This provided the insights we needed to design the UX.

Explore the most beautiful places, save them for later and send just one inquiry for all your favorites.

An important goal for Inspiratie op Locatie is to inspire their users. It’s more than just a platform to book venues. It’s also a platform that enables user to find the most beautiful places and save them for later. We liked that idea a lot and were thrilled to design the shortlist to make it happen.

While we were at it, we realized a few important things the shortlist required. First of all, it would be very helpful for users to save the entire enquiry for a venue, so they won’t be asked to fill in their needs again when they actually decide to book the thing. Second, we made it possible for users to have multiple collections/lists of venues. We presumed users would like to save venues for different purposes. It also came in handy for Inspiratie op Locatie, because they could send a pre­-filled shortlist to their users to give actual tailored advice. And last but not least: we designed a flow to send a multi-­enquiry to all the venues in your shortlist. Neat! Right?

Bookmark multiple venues

Users can save many venues and even distribute them to more than one list.

Inspiratie op Locatie Shortlist

Send one inquiry for all of them

Only one form is needed to get in touch with all of your favorites.

Inspiratie op Locatie Shortlist

Complete your booking

Complete your booking at the venue you have the best feeling about.

Inspiratie op Locatie Shortlist

The owners needed a nice design as well. We took some time to get their experience right and to make sure they get an easier time managing the availability and bookings of the venue.

Inspiratie op Locatie collected quite some feedback from venue owners. The redesign of the platform was a perfect opportunity to solve the most pressing issues. The team decided the messaging should be easier and most importantly the follow-up of inquiries. As it happened, many inquiries did not get a reply (fast enough).

We tried to make the backstage more self-explanatory. We came up with call-to-action boxes to push the user in the right direction. We're presenting him with all the options he has got to make it easier for him to know what he should do to satisfy his customer. Besides that, we made some tweaks on the booking overview, dashboard, messages and venue availability. All of this got the overall experience of the backstage to the level we aimed for.

Jasper working on Inspiratie op Locatie UX

We wanted to get all the actions on the 'right' side of the page

To optimize the booking flow, we improved the entire venue detail page. Again we took in mind there were several goals for users. Some of them would merely like to get an impression of the venue (and therefore would be interested in photos, description, stats, reviews and features). Other users would like to book the venue as easy and painless as possible and the page also should enable them to make their specific needs known to the owner of the venue.

To get this done, we decided to have all the information-based content on the left side of the page and the call to actions on the right side of the page. These call to actions are always visible and in reach for the users, so they’ll be able to easily book the venue when they’re convinced.

Converting wireframes to the visual design

By excellent team communication in the form of two-weekly meetings, the team managed to flawlessly transform wireframes to stunning designs.


A fine collection of wireframes

The fact that we have many wireframes for Inspiratie op Locatie shouldn't be that much of a surprise. Complicated flows and interactions require detailed mockups.


A delight to work with and to work on

We look back at the process with a big smile. The research in the early stages was really helpful for us, so we could learn the needs & wants of Inspiratie op Locatie and their users very fast. It also got the entire team on the same page. When we talked about the design decisions, we could always refer to the research and the corresponding user goals. That made the design meetings a lot easier and gave us an atmosphere with almost only positive feedback.

It was very nice that we could work on the improvements of the product on many levels. All the important pages got a redesign, which gave us the opportunity to think and improve the experience overall. Because we were only focusing on user interaction this time, we could explore the possibilities and different interactions a bit more. It also gave us the opportunity to provide our design partner Geeft Vorm with very valuable user interface feedback from the sidelines.

Barbara van der Giessen

Barbara van der Giessen

Founder, Inspiratie op Locatie

“Strakzat helped us to take our platform to the next level. They proved to be thorough, smart and creative in finding solutions for several design challenges and will go the extra mile to get the best result.”