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We Design Digital Products & Interfaces.

Strakzat is a small digital design agency from Rotterdam, turning ideas into products with an amazing user experience.

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Find and drive your next new or used car without the hassles.

Finding that perfect car can be a pain. Wouldn't it be helpful to have your orientation, comparisons and purchase in one place? The new auto.nl makes that happen. Buying a car online is finally a thing.

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Simplified online funding and investing with Leapfunder.

Together with the Leapfunder team we've made it even easier for investors to inspect, talk to and eventually invest in promising start-ups. The users now have a simplified browsing and clicking experience!

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A fresh look for the interface of Van Dale Professional.

With the new style of Van Dale Professional the experience of finding words and their definitions has become a whole lot easier. Take a look at the new interface for both desktop and mobile. You will like it. Word.

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It's now easier than ever to have your next company meeting on a boat.

Get rid of dull appointments and book a nice meeting room. We've worked on a renewed user experience for Inspiratie op Locatie to help users flawlessly find inspiring venues for any company meeting or event.

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Designing the much-anticipated Magnet.me application for iOS.

We designed an iOS app as beautiful and user-friendly as the Android app and web based platform to help you find your next career opportunity. It lets companies reach out to you, instead of the other way around!

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